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Common Services for Women:

Eyebrows, Bikini, Chin, Breast, Upper lip, Arms, Lower Lip, Underarms, Side of face, Hands, Neck, Toes 

Common Services for Men:

Beard, Cheekbones, Ears, Shoulders, Chest, Eyebrows, Back, Neck, Nose

Specialty Services:

​Folliculitis, Hairline Corrections, Transgender solutions


15min - $30

30min - $45

45min - $55

60min - $65

We accept cash or check. Credit cards not accepted at this time. Gift Certificates available.

New London Appointments Available: Wednesday 7:30AM - 6:00PM

Concord Appointments Available: Tuesday and Thursday 8:30AM - 6:00PM

Call today! Ruth: (603) 344-8872 or (603) 225-2576 


We adhere to the strict sterilization guidelines for electrolysis recommended by the Center for Disease Control. We utilize only disposable probes and dry-heat sterilization of all equipment.