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Electrolysis is for everyone

An excellent solution for those discouraged by the unsuccessful results of temporary hair removal methods.


Since 1875, when Dr. Charles E. Michel first discovered and perfected the process of electrolysis, major advances have been made. Through the use of highly sophisticated technology and the professional skill of a licensed electrologist, electrolysis remains a safe and permanent hair removal solution approved by physicians and health professionals. At Andrewski Electrolysis, we have over 32 year experience and adhere to the strict sterilization guidelines for electrolysis recommended by the Center for Disease Control. We utilize only disposable probes and dry-heat sterilization of all equipment. We have offices in Concord and New London NH.

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With over 32 years experience helping people feel better about themselves. 

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Safe, painless, permanent, hair removal for men, women, and children. The hardest part is making the phone call! Offices in Concord and New London.

Kathryn: (603) 738-4615 or (603) 225-2576